Birkensnake is an irregularly published, imperfectly bound collection of fiction. Fiction! Paper! Thread! It is exactly what you want in your lifeboat.

Birkensnake 7 is available as of October 4, 2014. The price of Birkensnake 7 is a recording of your voice reading a story that you like. Having accumulated a number of such recordings, we offer them to you as a balm for lonely evenings, or lonely early mornings, or whatever time of day seems most lonely to you and in need of voices.

In addition, although it did not come to us in time for the most recent Birkensnake, we are able to offer as a web exclusive Matthew Pendleton’s “A Johnny Parenthesis,” — a prequel, as long-time followers will recognize, to “The Dig,” from Birkensnake One.

We are probably not publishing any more Birkensnakes, although we refuse to rule it out entirely.