here is a certain group of scholars and are in the forest.

Print copies of Birkensnake 7, the most unimaginable Birkensnake yet, are available. If you would like us to send you one, we ask only that you tell us a story, or more precisely that you record yourself reading a story, not a Birkensnake story but just any story in the world that happens to be one of your favorites, and email us the recording and allow us to post it in a gallery for the pleasure of all listeners everywhere forever. Begin now.

Thanks: Frank & Laura McDermott, James Carroll, Anna Purinton, Dave Hauver, Kallista Bley, Molly McIntyre, Sarah Hogan, Amy Catanzano, Matt Garite, Evelyn Hampton, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Ashley Fisher, Devin Goebel, Brittani Locke, and all the rest at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.