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Print Editions

Print editions of all issues are gone, except that we still have a small number of Birkensnake 5s that we bound in prints from Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse instead of in the normal covers. We are not sure what to do with these, but you could e-mail us ( and make a suggestion.

If you’d like us to e-mail you when new print editions come out so that you can be among the first to get them, you should add your name to our mailing list.

Various electronic editions are available free.

We expect the next issue, number 7, to be available in the fall of 2014.

Donations are appreciated. You can donate via Paypal, or, if you are Paypal-free, you can send a check to Joanna Ruocco:

1814 Gaston Street, Winston-Salem NC 27103

Donations will be used to make Birkensnake 8. If you are interested in seeing an extravagant Birkensnake 8, you should donate a great deal of money. We are generally suspicious of money but we will understand your donation as a token of love.