Print Editions

Birkensnake 7, the present issue, is hand-bound in screen-printed covers and includes various grotesquely labor-intensive decorative elements that make it less a book than a sacrificial artifact. Indeed, several copies are stained with the editors’ blood.

And this can be yours for the price of reading us (and everyone) a story that you found somewhere else. The procedure:

  1. Choose a story that you would like to read to people. Not a Birkensnake story, but any story. If you choose a long story, then this procedure will become long, but that is up to you.
  2. Ready a mechanism for recording your voice. Perhaps there is some such mechanism available on your phone or other multipurpose device.
  3. Record yourself reading your chosen story aloud.
  4. Email the recording to, along with a mailing address to which you would like us to send your print copy of Birkensnake 7.
  5. Wait for your recording appear in our gallery. Meanwhile you can listen to the voices of other people if you like, telling other stories.


If you are not able to read us a story, you may instead donate at least $26 (see below) and request a Birkensnake 7 in a note. Again, please include your mailing address

Various electronic editions are available free, as always.

Donations are appreciated. You can donate via Paypal, or, if you are Paypal-free, you can send a check to Joanna Ruocco:

660 Irving St, Winston-Salem NC 27103

Donations will be used to make Birkensnake 8. If you are interested in seeing an extravagant Birkensnake 8, you should donate a great deal of money. We are generally suspicious of money but we will understand your donation as a token of love.